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Andrea Sneiderman: 6 Must-Read Docs

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HLN; July 29, 2013

HLN has covered the investigation into the fatal shooting of Rusty Sneiderman at a Georgia day care center for almost three years. Now, HLN will cover the trial of his wife, Andrea Sneiderman.

Rusty Sneiderman was gunned down in a suburban Atlanta neighborhood at 9:15 a.m. on November 18, 2010, in a busy parking lot outside a pre-school with children in a playground less than 30 feet away. He was shot four times.

Hemy Neuman, the gunman and Andrea's former boss, is serving life in prison for Rusty's murder. Andrea Sneiderman is preparing to stand trial for allegedly lying about her relationship with Neuman and lying to law enforcement about the murder.

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