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Adam Davis
Pansini Law Group

The son of two public interest lawyers from Washington, D.C., Adam C. Davis always knew he wanted to become a lawyer that helped people. Adam moved to the area in 2003 to attend law school with every intention of moving back to the D.C. area after graduating. He soon fell in love with Philadelphia and decided to settle here, taking the Pennsylvania and New Jersey bars. Since graduating from law school, Adam has practiced exclusively in the area of personal injury litigation.

He has worked on and been co-counsel on dozens of multimillion-dollar catastrophic injury cases within the firm. In 2019, he concluded a five-year battle in a $4.6 million recovery for a widow who lost her husband in a horrible crane accident. While he has seen cases that involved larger awards, Adam counts this as his proudest achievement to date, because he agreed to take on the case after several firms had rejected it. He credits Michael Pansini with having the confidence and wherewithal to invest over $150,000, just in costs (not to mention the hundreds of hours of attorney and staff time), and the skill to work with him to achieve such a great result.

In 2020, Adam successfully appealed a case in which an insurance company was attempting to write commercial insurance policies which provided coverage for business owners while excluding their employees. The decision from the Third Circuit Court of Appeals has changed the rights of employees across the Commonwealth.

He credits his clients as the motivation behind the long hours he spends working on his cases.

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