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Andrea Clare
Telaré Law

Andrea Clare was born in a small town known as Libby, Montana. She loves the mountains, trees, winters, and big sky country which she will always consider “home.” Andrea relocated to Pasco when she was 10 years old. Within a few years of moving to Washington she knew she wanted to become a lawyer and help people navigate through the legal process, just like the lawyers did when her parents divorced. She told everyone she knew that she was going to be a lawyer.

Andrea was primarily raised by a single mom along with two sisters. Andrea’s mom, Linda (deceased), instilled a strong work ethic by maintaining three jobs to make ends meet and ensure her kids never went without. Linda taught Andrea to be fiercely independent so she could always support herself without relying on a man. She was encouraged to achieve her dreams and goals of becoming the first in the family to be an attorney and/or obtain a post graduate degree. Not surprisingly, Andrea worked through her college years so she could say she paid for her formal education all by herself.

Andrea graduated from Pasco High School (a long time ago) and went on to attend Gonzaga University Law School. She returned to the Tri-Cities to begin her legal career and raise a family. Andrea has three (most of the time) amazing children. Andrea’s oldest daughter is Kennedy, the middle son is Canon, and youngest son – AKA wild child – is Cruz. Andrea truly enjoys being a mother, cooking gourmet meals, watching movies and spending time together on the road with her kids. The Clare foursome is often seen outdoors in Montana or Bend Oregon, on a ski slope, in the coastal towns of Washington, and on the jujitsu mat.

Andrea has always been particularly drawn to the courtroom. She is quick on her feet and loves cross examination (this is an understatement). Her extensive litigation experience and trial work in a variety of practice areas began in 2007. She has handled numerous appeals, adversary proceedings in bankruptcy court, will contests, guardianships, insurance disputes, evictions, workplace harassment, wrongful terminations, garnishments, contract litigation, administrative proceedings, criminal matters, domestic cases, medical malpractice, injury cases, real estate disputes, etc. Andrea’s aggressive litigation style resulted in her admission to the Eastern and Western District of Washington Federal court, Eastern and Western District of Washington Federal Bankruptcy Court, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Central District of California Federal Court, the Washington Supreme Court, Division I, II, and III of the Washington Court of Appeals, and most importantly the United States Supreme Court (which, sadly, did not accept review of her case – but only a select few lawyers ever even have an issue of national importance to seek certiorari, and of the 8,000 cert petitions filed, the SCOTUS accepts merely 80 cases for review each term).

Early on, Andrea’s law practice gravitated toward representing injured people. Connecting with people who have been harmed and providing them something of value to make things a little better was quickly recognized as her ultimate calling. Indeed, Andrea’s deeply held desire to be in the courtroom, helping people and their families, and her passion for justice blazed a path for her to achieve her purpose in the world. Andrea’s significant success in making countless clients happy is a result of doing what she loves for “work.”

Andrea and George began practicing together in 2014. Within a few short years, the two strong headed attorneys who love “what they get to do for a living” also fell in love with each other. As their desire to try cases together as a team and helping people who have been severely injured grew, the brand “Telaré Law” was born. Telaré means “to bring together” in the Italian vernacular. Telaré Law exclusively services plaintiff cases. To ensure the best possible presentation at trial, every case of Telaré Law is handled and tried by both Andrea and George, in a team approach to litigation. This strategy ensures the best possible presentation at trial and the highest possible monetary outcome.

When she is not at the office or busy with kids, Andrea enjoys the outdoors, Jujitsu, reading, and traveling with her husband George.

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