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Andres Carnahan

The Carnahan Law Firm
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Andres Carnahan
The Carnahan Law Firm
San Diego,

Experienced Trial Attorney

Andres T. Carnahan has numerous years of prosecutorial experience, which included the training of other prosecutors, law enforcement officers, expert witnesses and lab experts. As a veteran trial attorney, Mr. Carnahan has prosecuted numerous vehicular manslaughter, sex crimes, domestic violence, drug possession, and theft cases. As a prosecutor, Mr. Carnahan handled numerous high-profile media cases involving celebrities, repeat DUI offenders, and terrorist organizations. Hire The Carnahan Law Firm to represent you or a family member and get an experienced trial attorney with inside information on how the criminal justice system works.

Expert DUI Defense

Mr. Carnahan is an experienced DUI attorney who has handled thousands of DUI cases. As a supervising prosecutor, Mr. Carnahan presented numerous training programs and workshops dealing with all aspects of trial advocacy. His presentations have covered direct examinations, cross-examinations, closing arguments, negotiations and evidentiary foundations. In addition, he has specifically presented on topics related to DUI defenses and DUI trial strategies. Mr. Carnahan has tried numerous breath, blood and drug DUI's.

A DUI arrest causes an automatic license suspension. You or your attorney only have 10 days to request a DMV hearing in order to avoid the automatic license suspension.

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