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Brian H. Clark

Law Offices of Brian H. Clark, LLC
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Brian H. Clark
Law Offices of Brian H. Clark, LLC
Ocean City,

Attorney Brian H. Clark is a criminal litigator known for his dedication to unrivaled customer service and attention to his clients' needs. Using his legal expertise and experience, he will navigate you through this stressful moment in your life.

You will quickly learn he is different after speaking to him about your concerns.

You need an attorney who can commit his undivided time to one field of law only. By handling just CRIMINAL and DUI cases, an informed relationship can blossom with a client. An attorney practicing multiple types of law is a generalist and not a master of any one field. You deserve better. Your attorney shouldn't be spending half his/her day doing real estate settlements, divorce cases or being afraid to follow through with a trial to win your case.

We focus our efforts and only accept cases heard in a limited area. We proceed with an in- depth knowledge of all the parties and decision makers involved in your case. Attorney Brian H. Clark has prior experience successfully prosecuting hundreds of Criminal and DUI cases for the State's Attorney's Office. As a Defense Attorney for over the last 10 years, he will now use that to your advantage. He can make sense of what is important from both sides and move forward quickly when a bench or jury trial is needed.

Best of all, we understand that the client is our customer and great customer service is something you expect. The last thing you deserve is a lawyer who is unavailable to return your calls and is not responsive.

Attorney Brian H. Clark has completed the multi-day NHTSA approved Field Sobriety Instructor Testing Course. Attorney Clark instructed and tested dozens of hired, live particpants who had been drinking at various levels throughout the day and were then given field tests. Only a small percentage of nationwide DUI lawyers have taken this crucial training. An effective cross examination of a police officer on a DUI case is really not possible without having this training.

He is often quoted in local newspapers regarding issues of DUI and Criminal Defense changes in the law.

With the right preparation and focus, your case will be handled correctly. Superior Service is rare these days, but it is a priority for us and something we are known for. Call our office now for a sensible assessment of your case and our office will reach Mr. Clark by phone and patch you through as he exits the courthouse.

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