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Courtney Fogarty
Fogarty Law
New Bedford,

As a Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer, Attorney Courtney K. Fogarty has spent over 10 years successfully navigating the legal system for her clients. She graduated from the Regent University School of Law in 2011 with an abundance of honors and real-world experience in court processes.

Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer Courtney K. Fogarty

From the moment she started her education, Courtney hit the ground running with her passion for helping people protect their rights. She spent over a year working with the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation. This organization helps provide free legal aid to employees whose human or civil rights were violated.

Courtney also completed an externship with a Federal Judge in the Eastern District of US District Court, giving her unmatched insight into how criminal issues are brought before the court. She was tasked with researching and analyzing objections, plus attending sentencing and guilty plea hearings. For years, Courtney has leveraged this experience to protect her clients.

While in school, Courtney also founded the Law Students Military Network and filled the role of President. This organization is dedicated to serving members of the military, including veterans, by connecting them with law students interested in pursuing military or federal cases. Today, Courtney’s practice specializes in serving veterans and active-duty military.

After graduating, Courtney went on to work as a prosecutor in Virginia and Massachusetts. She started her career by working as a legislative aide at the State House of Boston. While there, she worked closely with legislators to solve issues and ensured proper case handling for constituents. This gave her a bird’s eye view into Massachusetts General Laws, and Courtney still uses this knowledge to help her clients today.

For 5 years, Courtney worked for the Office of the Plymouth County District Attorney. During this time, she not only worked as an Assistant District Attorney but also as the Supervisor of the Brockton District Court.

While filling these roles, she litigated an extremely high volume of trials in the District and Superior Courts. She prepared all witnesses for trial testimony, worked with local and state police, and spent over 1.5 years as a supervising attorney. She now has years of criminal defense expertise in the Superior and District Courts in Massachusetts.

In 2019, she was awarded the Spotlight Award by the Massachusetts District Attorney’s Association. Courtney is intimately familiar with absolutely every detail of court proceedings, and she’ll use this insider knowledge to your advantage as your attorney.

Because Courtney spent time working as a prosecutor, she knows exactly which curveballs the prosecution may try to throw your way and how to build an effective defense. To date, she’s tried hundreds of cases and is vastly experienced with litigating both jury and jury-waived trials. She’s also extremely familiar with motions and clerk magistrate hearings.

As your New Bedford criminal defense attorney, Courtney will advocate aggressively and fervently on your behalf. She understands that criminal defense charges cover a broad spectrum and that each charge requires a specific approach.

Courtney will not only get to know the details of your case, but also you as a unique individual. Every day, she continues to meaningfully conference cases with the Commonwealth and get charges dismissed for her clients.

Courtney constantly works with clients in every stage of criminal proceedings, including clerk magistrate hearings. Whether you were formally arrested or received a summons to your hearing via mail, she’ll help you effectively navigate the legal system and mitigate any consequences.

Attorney Courtney K. Fogarty’s knowledge of the law and courtroom abilities makes her an outstanding advocate for your case. She specializes in representing veterans and active-duty military facing any type of criminal charges. Courtney also specializes in helping individuals with substance abuse disorders, and any under-represented individuals who are struggling with the courts.

Even if you need to go before the Board of Appeals to have your license reinstated, Courtney’s expertise will be extremely beneficial to your case.

Courtney understands that arrests don’t always happen during business hours. To better serve you, she’s made herself available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. No matter what charges you’re facing, you are entitled to a defense.

Are you or a loved one facing charges related to Assault and Battery, Drug Crimes, Domestic Violence, Gun Crimes, Larceny, Theft, Motor Vehicle, Drunk Driving (OUI, DUI, DWI) offenses, or other criminal charges? The consequences of being found guilty can be disastrous to your life for years to come.

You deserve representation from a successful and knowledgeable lawyer with a proven track record of success. Let New Bedford criminal defense attorney Courtney K. Fogarty put her years of experience to work for you.

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