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David Burdett

Klein Burdett & Associates
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David Burdett
Klein Burdett & Associates

I am a former Assistant District Attorney with personal experience in thousands of Criminal cases, ranging from minor traffic offenses to homicide. Over the past 5+ years of practice I have worked with thousands of police officers and have appeared in court daily in countless courtrooms. I have a familiarity with the criminal justice system that few attorneys possess. I know what issues to look for in an officer’s criminal investigation to fight to help you to achieve the best possible outcome.

My Story

I grew up in New Jersey, but I decided to settle down in Pennsylvania after attending the Villanova University School of Law. I live with my wife, son, and Boston Terrier, Bruce. When I am not in court I enjoy spending time with my family, taking my son to swim class, running, and playing golf. Prior to becoming an attorney, I was a professional stage actor performing in plays and musicals across the country from New Hampshire to Florida and Arizona. My performing training has served me very well as a litigator making me very comfortable speaking in court and making arguments to a judge and jury. I love the drama in the courtroom and I am able to utilize my training as an actor to get the best results for my clients. I also love movies and can talk for hours about some of my favorite films. Specifically, I love the music and films from the 1930s and 1940s.

My Unintentional Path to Becoming a Lawyer

After college I performed professionally as an actor for about five years. I loved the craft and being in a performing company. However, I had no stability in my life as I was taking contracts all over the country and constantly being unemployed as each contract ended. I was looking for a steady career because I wanted to be able to get married and have a family. I knew I wanted to help my community and I was interested in becoming a police officer. I took an intro to criminal law class at Rutgers and when we learned about the role of a prosecutor, I knew immediately what I wanted to do with my life.

I went to the Villanova University School of Law and that experience changed my life. I did not enjoy being in class for the most part as reading an infinite number of cases from the 1800s did not provide a wealth of practical skills for a future attorney. Instead, being a student provided me an on-campus interview and eventual internship with the county District Attorney’s Office. Following my second year of law school I began that summer long internship that strengthened my desire to become a prosecutor. During that summer I handled hundreds of criminal cases, where I was responsible for making sure that charges were held at preliminary hearings before a magisterial district judge. It was my job to decide which witnesses to call, prep witnesses, make objections, and make a final argument to the judge as to why the charges should be held. I dealt with everything from the theft of a $1.50 ice cream bar, to a man possessing an illegal sword with brass knuckles for a grip, to very serious domestic assaults. As you can imagine every day was different and you never knew what to predict. It was thrilling to be in court every day.

I ended up working for the District Attorney’s Office as an intern and then as an Assistant District Attorney for over four years. I enjoyed my work and the challenges it presented. By the time I left the office I had handled numerous jury trials for serious felony offenses. I learned that I enjoyed jury trials as they allowed me to combine my legal knowledge and theatrical abilities in a natural way.

As a young Assistant District Attorney, I had cases against criminal defense attorneys with decades of experience. I learned how to anticipate and counter all the various tactics they would use to attack my case. Those experiences ended up preparing me to be a Defense Attorney as they showed me how to look for and find issues in a criminal investigation. I ended up being involved with thousands of cases at the office ranging from traffic tickets to criminal homicide. I loved my time at the office, and I learned a lot about how to be a good attorney.

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