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David Paz

Paz & Associates
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David Paz
Paz & Associates

Our firm is dedicated to our clients and the creation of justice through a unique and creative process involved in applying the law to any given set of facts. We strive to meet our client’s expectations 100 percent of the time with clear communication and honesty, and a thorough understanding of the current law. 

We maintain the highest level of ethical standards and professionalism. Our focus is on being honest and providing our clients with the best possible forecast of the process that will take place, avoiding any negative “surprises” by being honest about the likely outcomes.

Our practice includes cases involving criminal law, immigration law, and civil law. We have years of experience practicing law in counties all over the State of Texas. Our experience includes trials by jury and Judge in misdemeanor and felony levels including acquittals in both misdemeanor and felony courts, having heard jury foreman's read aloud those two precious words “Not Guilty”. We have attained numerous dismissals for clients at all levels of criminal law and negotiated just and fair plea bargains. We have represented clients in cases ranging from class C misdemeanors all the way up to First degree felonies. 

We have represented various attorneys and families of attorneys, who trusted our firm in troubled times to see them through the complicated criminal legal system by making sure their liberties and rights guaranteed by natural law and the State and Federal Constitution are respected.

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