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Gloria Backus

Vindicate Criminal Law Group - Tacoma
Gloria Backus
Vindicate Criminal Law Group - Tacoma

Gloria Backus is a criminal defense attorney who brings over 25 years of diverse legal experience to Vindicate Criminal Law Group’s team. One distinct advantage Ms. Backus has over most – she was a Federal Prosecutor for the US Government. She knows prosecution tactics firsthand and how to apply that knowledge to her defense. While she was outstanding during her time as a prosecutor, which includes the infamous case out of Maricopa County (United States v. David Pecard), she prefers defense practice. Ms. Backus states, “Criminal defense is like a difficult puzzle and it is my job to eliminate as many pieces from prosecutors as possible.”

Ms. Backus’ background also includes extensive experience in domestic violence. For a period of three years, she solely handled cases involving domestic violence and abuse in Bellevue, Washington.

If you are accused of a crime, you want Ms. Backus. Not only does she possess the unshakable confidence during trial that juries are drawn to, she is sharp-witted and determined. Clients quickly notice the courtroom is a comfortable place for Ms. Backus. She has appeared in over 50 trials and hundreds of hearings. When you meet with her, she is ready to listen and provide you with straight forward advice.

Educational and Personal Background

Gloria attended Central Washington University and graduated in 1990 with her Bachelor of Arts in law and justice, Magna Cum Laude. From there, she attended the University of Washington School of Law and graduated in 1994 with her Juris Doctor. Later, she received a Fellowship: Counsel on Legal Education Opportunity and attended a summer law school session at the University of New Mexico Law School with other nationwide recipients of the award.

She is a member of the Washington State Bar Association and Federal Court for the Western District of Washington.

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