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James Dwyer

Bridge City Law
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James Dwyer
Bridge City Law

Jim is dedicated to helping his clients navigate a complex legal system, so they can focus on what is most important — making a full and speedy recovery.

Jim’s first job was at his father’s law firm when he was in the 6th grade. He delivered legal documents to be filed at the courthouse, took mail to the post office, and made deposits to the bank. He did this all on the 10-speed bike he bought with the money he earned from working at his father’s firm.

In high school, Jim’s dad took him to legal seminars where’s his dad was often a speaker. He’d talk with Jim about his cases and trials – Jim often watched his dad in court. He always stressed the importance that the client comes first and all the steps an attorney can take to make sure that happens.

Jim graduated from law school in 1987 and started practicing with his father in 1988 in Eugene, Oregon. He took care of clients injured in cars, on motorcycles, on bikes, as pedestrians, and in stores.

Jim married his wife, Jan, in 1990. His first daughter, Caitlyn, was born in 1993 and his youngest daughter, Adair, was born in 1995.

In 1998, Jim and his family moved to Portland so his wife could help take care of her mother, who had Parkinson’s. Jim and his partner Dean have been working together since 1998.

Jim enjoys cooking — Paella is his signature dish, which he often prepares for non-profit events to help raise money for their organizations. He loves to travel with his wife. His two daughters are now in their mid 20’s. They both live in Portland and can often be found with their friends having dinner with Jim and his wife.

In 2015, Jim wrote and published a book for men called The Caged Truth. It looks at how men’s relationship with their significant other, children, parents and work are powerful forces that not only bring out the best in them in being an equally positive force for those they love and care for.

Jim also has a website called, where he writes a blog to help attorneys find greater meaning in the practice of law through how they take care of their legal team, clients and family.

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