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James Helm

TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers
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James Helm
TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury attorney James Helm is the founder of TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers. James grew up playing sports 24/7. Whether it was football, wrestling, or baseball – James has always loved to compete. He’s taken that same competitive nature and applied it to the courtroom fighting for his clients and building TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers from the ground up into the powerhouse law firm it is today.

James Helm had always excelled in his endeavors and envisioned himself as someone destined for success in college and his career. However, his life took a dark turn due to an addiction to prescription painkillers that plagued him from the ages of 17 to 25.

During his junior year of high school, a doctor prescribed him painkillers for recovery after a wrestling injury. Within a year, he spiraled into dependency, transitioning from occasional use to regular consumption, even showing up to events under the influence. Despite his downward trajectory, James managed to maintain good grades, earn popularity among his peers, and hold positions of responsibility such as Class President, all while concealing his addiction from his parents.

Although his girlfriend recognized his addiction and labeled him a "pill head," James refused to acknowledge the severity of his situation until he found himself in dire financial straits during his junior year of college. Faced with mounting debts and unable to see a way out, he finally confessed to his parents, igniting a period of withdrawal and profound emotional turmoil.

Reaching what he described as his rock bottom, James felt consumed by guilt and self-doubt, convinced that he was destined for a bleak future. However, his decision to pursue law school provided a glimmer of hope for redemption. Despite initial success in his studies, his addiction resurfaced, culminating in a frightening panic attack during a legal seminar.

Determined to reclaim his life, James committed to sobriety in 2016, seeking help through outpatient rehab and a twelve-step program. Since then, he has remained sober, achieving academic success, and ultimately founding his law firm, TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers.

James's journey from addiction to entrepreneurship serves as a testament to the transformative power of resilience and determination. Rather than concealing his past struggles, he embraces them, using his experiences to connect with others and offer support to those grappling with addiction or facing adversity. Through sharing his story, James hopes to inspire others to confront their challenges and pursue the possibility of a brighter future.

You need a dedicated personal injury attorney when you or a loved one suffers injuries in an accident. Tragic accidents and events can alter the course of your life—and your family’s life—in an instant. You could face enormous medical bills and other expenses. You deserve compensation for all your losses.

The insurance company may offer you money to settle your claim. As tempting as it may seem in this great time of need, never accept a settlement from the insurance company without first talking with Attorney James Helm, he's a fighter and will fight for you every step of the way.

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