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John Rife

Rife Law Firm

John began his career in 1992 as a trial lawyer representing both criminal and civil clients. Having been voted one of the best domestic lawyers in his former practice state, John’s family law practice strengthened and he handled numerous complex family law cases. In the meantime, John’s criminal practice exploded as his first jury trial was a double homicide where his client was acquitted.

In the interim, John tried a personal injury case that rendered the largest jury verdict in the area for over 20 years.

John’s skills and ethics are so trusted by judges, that he has been appointed a judge on numerous occasions in the State Court of Cobb County and in the Juvenile Court of Forsyth County. He is a tough negotiator but a gentleman to his adversaries and prevails with his knowledge of the law and powers of persuasion.

John’s practice is not limited to Forsyth County, but all over North Georgia.

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