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Jonah Flynn

Flynn Law Firm LLC
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Jonah Flynn
Flynn Law Firm LLC

Jonah Flynn is a dedicated trial lawyer who is passionate about fighting for his clients to ensure they receive full and fair recovery after they are harmed by someone else. Jonah has helped people from all walks of life navigate the insurance claims system and litigation process by handling injury cases—large and small—for those injured and harmed by the negligence of others.

Jonah’s parents divorced when he was three, and he was raised by a single mother. The financial reality of a single-parent household required Jonah to take on odd jobs and summer jobs at age 12, and part-time jobs in high school, college, and law school. Jonah’s strong work ethic, tenacity, and empathy comes as a direct result of learning the value of hard work as an adolescent.

Early in his career, Jonah worked for a large corporate defense law firm with 10 offices and over 100 lawyers across the country. Jonah defended insurance companies and corporations in catastrophic injury and malpractice claims. As a defense lawyer, Jonah learned how insurance companies bully personal injury claimants—people harmed usually through no fault of their own—and routinely saw plaintiffs’ lawyers drastically undervaluing cases. After a few years defending insurance companies, it was obvious Jonah’s world view didn’t match that of Corporate America, and he wanted to use his talent and worth ethic to help those who had been victims of corporate negligence and employer wage theft. In August of 2008, with a small home equity loan from a local bank, a young child at home, and just months prior to a global financial collapse, he opened the Flynn Law Firm.

Today, Jonah handles auto and trucking cases with attention to detail and tenacity, and has achieved substantial recoveries for those injured in automobile accidents, trucking accidents, and motorcycle wrecks. Jonah always hires the best experts and immediately begins developing liability—via prompt scene investigations and witness interviews– from the moment he is hired.

Jonah has handled burn injury cases across the country, and helped developed design defect and failure to warn theories to make burn inducing products, such as gas cans, safer. He filed—and secured a recovery on—the first known “BHO Explosion” lawsuit anywhere in the country in Portland, Oregon against the sellers and distributors of butane sold in Oregon; ultimately, the butane distributor Jonah sued was indicted by the United States government based, in part, on evidence Jonah developed. Jonah filed the first BHO Explosion “work injury” lawsuit in in Oregon under Oregon’s Employer Liability Law, securing a recovery on the “first of its kind” case.

Jonah is a tireless advocate for his clients. There is no substitute for hard work, and Jonah invests whatever time, money, and effort into each file to obtain a just and fair result. Jonah takes pride in having compassion and empathy for someone who has suffered a loss or experienced any type of injury. He is always available for a phone call and believes that communication between lawyer and client is essential to obtaining the best result.

Jonah attended the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin and has a law degree from the University of Mississippi, where he was a member of the Journal of National Security Law. Jonah is an avid skier, and when not practicing law spends time in the mountains or on the beach with his two daughters and wife Catherine. He also spends lots and lots of time taking his oldest daughter to tennis tournaments.

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