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K. Jill Bolton

Bolton Law, PLLC
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K. Jill Bolton
Bolton Law, PLLC
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K. Jill Bolton, the founder member of Bolton Law, PLLC, brings over 22 years of legal advocacy excellence. With nearly 20 years of state and federal prosecution experience, Jill has been lead trial counsel in several dozen state and federal cases in both bench (judge only) trials and jury trials. She has also successfully argued appeals to the higher courts in both the State of Idaho and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Her courtroom, trial and oral advocacy experience has prepared her to skillfully navigate your case, from start to finish.

She started her career as a State of Idaho Deputy Prosecuting attorney in 1995 and reached the pinnacle of the prosecutor’s profession when was she was appointed Assistant United States Attorney in the Eastern District of Washington in 2002. She served as a federal prosecutor for almost 13 years before her move to private practice where she loves serving her clients’ state and federal practice needs.

Former State and Federal Prosecutor – Criminal Defense

As a federal prosecutor, Jill successfully prosecuted nearly every type of case that came across her plate, from federal immigration and deportation cases, firearms possession offenses, drug distribution and trafficking crimes, to first degree murder and complex fraud cases. As a federal prosecutor in Spokane, dubbed by Forbes Magazine in 2009 as the “Scam Capital of America” Jill wisely focused her efforts on white collar crime.

Among her many successes, Jill led the successful investigation and prosecution of Doris Nelson and the Little Loan Shoppe, one of the largest Ponzi schemes in Spokane’s history — a $137 million dollar wire fraud, mail fraud and international money laundering case involving over 650 victim investors. Nelson Guilty Plea. Jill’s extensive background in criminal law is what you need on your side if you want to defend criminal allegations and achieve the best possible outcome.

Federal Civil Actions: Health Care Billing Defense & Whistleblower Lawsuits

Jill’s background includes extensive work in federal civil matters including complaints against hospitals, physicians and health care professionals. She brings this wealth of experience to assist clients facing Government allegations of improper billing and false claims for payment.

She is also passionate about assisting “Whistleblowers” — individuals with information about Government waste, fraud and abuse – to obtain compensation through Qui Tam lawsuits.

Jill’s Personal Fight for Justice

Jill toughness and tenacity for justice was perhaps best exemplified by her fight for equal employment opportunity against her own employer, the U.S. Attorney’s office in Spokane. During her tenure, her office had demonstrated a pattern and practice of hiring and promoting men over women. Jill would not settle for an office within the U.S. Department of Justice violating the very rights they are charged with protecting.

Her battle against her powerful opponent ended with one of the single largest gender discrimination case settlements in the history of the U.S. Department of Justice. Outside of Jill’s personal win her greatest satisfaction has been knowing that her fight led to the hiring and promotion of more women attorneys in the Eastern District of Washington U.S. Attorney’s office.

Family Law Matters

Since the beginning of her career in the state juvenile justice arena, fighting for children and families has been important to Jill. She has enjoyed great success in handling private clients’ family law matters for the last two years, where her extensive courtroom and litigation experience has helped family law clients receive their best outcomes for their children and families. Jill will happily handle your divorce, child custody, adoption, guardianship, and domestic violence protection matter to a successful outcome for you.

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