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Kevin Drummond

Blue Line Law Firm
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Kevin Drummond
Blue Line Law Firm
West Palm Beach,

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Kevin Drummond, a seasoned practicing attorney, joined Blue Line Law Firm in April 2019 as a valuable managing partner. His primary responsibilities center on the administration and efficient management of the firm’s operations. From the prestigious Florida A&M University in 2016, he acquired a Juris Doctorate. His duties at the firm include talent acquisition, hiring personnel, and managing the trust accounts. He also deals with client cases and referrals, along with contracting co-counsels. Blue Line Law Firm has operates in Florida, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Washington D.C.

Mr. Drummond has also served different roles at the 15th Judicial Circuit under the State Attorney Dave Aronberg between 2016 and 2019. He held the position of Certified Legal Intern during August 2016 and April 2017. This experience enabled him to gain practical expertise in the field and sharpen his legal skills. He also worked as Assistant District Attorney and Criminal Trial Attorney under State Attorney Dave Aronberg from 2017 to 2019.

He was responsible for upholding the state law by prosecuting criminals involved in both misdemeanors and felonies. During his period of service, a rise in the conviction rate was observed. He contributed significantly to the mission of bridging the gap between the legal sector and the law enforcement agencies by enabling channels of effective communication. Due to his exceptional skills and excellent work ethic, he was also given the task to train and supervise the upcoming assistant state attorneys.

Mr. Drummond’s duties as the Criminal Trial Attorney also included the preparation of plea offers on behalf of the state and conduction of research on statutes and laws relevant to the cases. He ensured the systematic and timely recovery and restitution of goods to the victims of crimes in the state. He participated in different types of hearings, including evidentiary and violation of probation hearings, and prepared the sentencing recommendations.

Owing to his motivation and desire to serve the country and its people since he was a young man, Mr. Drummond decided to pursue his graduate and postgraduate education in fields that could help him achieve his goals in life. He opted for a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and did his Master of Public Administration from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2008 and 2011, respectively.

Mr. Drummond’s commitment to public service and lifelong interest in human service issues led him to join the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, which included tenure in the Division of Capitol Police in Tallahassee, between December 2005 and April 2007. He also served as the Compliance Review Trooper Investigator at Florida Highway Patrol. He enforced the laws of the state vigorously and testified in the county, state, and federal courts on assigned cases. He received his law enforcement training from the Florida Public Safety Institute in Tallahassee.

Between the summer of 2018 and fall of 2019, Mr. Drummond worked at the Palm Beach Shores Police Department in various roles, including Police Officer, Accreditation Manager, and Legal Advisor. Under his vigilant supervision, the department carried out its nighttime operations. He provided legal counsel and advised his institution on criminal matters. As the Accreditation Manager, he managed the whole process of accreditation meticulously. He has also served as Police Legal Instructor at Palm Beach State College.

Apart from this, Mr. Drummond also has a great interest in scuba-diving and is always thrilled about enjoying his skiing trips with friends and family during vacations. He is also a fixed-wing student pilot. Mr. Drummond passion is to serve his clients, providing a life line to justice

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