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Leah Maloney

Sawyer Legal Group, LLC
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Leah Maloney
Sawyer Legal Group, LLC

I'm a fierce advocate, defending my clients' rights while developing relationships where they feel supported.

Meet Criminal Defense Attorney Leah Maloney

I have been a criminal defense attorney since 2013. After graduating with honors from Boston College and serving in the Peace Corps, I attended George Washington University Law School in Washington, D.C. where I honed my skills as a criminal lawyer. While attending law school, I began the District Record Sealing Service where my fellow students and I worked on motions to seal criminal records for clients. We were able to assist in sealing records for hundreds of people with criminal convictions.

My Experience

After law school, I represented individuals accused of various offenses as an attorney at the Legal Aid Society in Brooklyn, New York. I successfully represented thousands of individuals charged with everything from DUI, to theft, to murder. Additionally, I worked as part of the Homicide Defense Task Force defending homicide cases, analyzing complex discovery, and crafting legal arguments showing client's innocence.

Areas Of Expertise

During my career, I've cultivated a particular interest in advocating for individuals charged with sex offenses, such as rape, sexual assault on a child, and internet luring. I was awarded a scholarship to attend the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyer's annual conference on Zealous Advocacy in Sexual Assault & Child Victim Cases. I have represented many people charged with sex offenses while achieving successful trial verdicts and other favorable outcomes.

Based on my expertise in criminal defense litigation, I was chosen as a Fellow for the International Legal Foundation. I utilized my experience in trial work, motion writing, and defense theories to train criminal defense lawyers in Myanmar.

Leah Will Fight To Protect Your Future

After moving to Colorado, I continued to fight allegations against my clients as a Public Defender in Douglas County. I am passionate about finding the legal and factual arguments that result in dismissal of charges. When not in the courtroom, I love enjoying Colorado's beautiful mountains through cycling and hiking.

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