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Lorin Zaner

Law Office of Lorin J. Zaner
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Lorin Zaner
Law Office of Lorin J. Zaner

Lorin Zaner has been a licensed attorney in Ohio and Michigan since 1976. His undergraduate degree was in chemical engineering and this scientific background has been invaluable to him in his practice, particularly in cases which require a scientific approach.


Lorin stays informed of the current research in criminal defense, attending conferences around the country where he often lectures and meets some of the top experts in the areas of psychology, psychiatry, and medicine. Through these relationships, Lorin has been able to use the services of these experts to help explain to juries how false allegations develop and how many doctors misinterpret what they see as alleged sexual abuse, when it may not be abused at all.

For instance, Lorin represented a woman accused of killing her child by "Shaken Baby Syndrome." He brought in the top experts around the country and obtained a verdict of "not guilty" on her behalf. Lorin also represented another couple that lost custody of their child due to allegations of shaken baby. Based on his cross-examination of the State's expert, and the compelling testimony of his expert, the Court returned the child to the parents.


Over the years, Lorin has developed a special interest and extensive knowledge in representing people regarding child abuse related cases. He has handled criminal child abuse cases and domestic child abuse cases involving alleged sexual assault and false allegations of child abuse.

As one might imagine, the most difficult cases are those of the falsely accused. These include adults accused of adult rape and adults and children accused of molesting their own children, stepchildren or others. Each case is different and the facts and circumstances need to be thoroughly explored. Of the numerous cases in this area that Lorin has tried to a jury, the vast majority have resulted in acquittals for his clients.

Since being admitted to the practice of law, Lorin has handled thousands of cases in numerous and diverse practice areas. Call our firm today at (419) 741-4050 to learn more.


Over the years, Lorin has built a network of hundreds of clients who refer cases to him. Numerous attorneys have contacted him to assist them or handle cases for them in a number of areas of the law. Lorin simply does not like to lose and he will work hard for you to try and receive the best possible result given the circumstances.

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