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Michael Stuzynski

Rector Stuzynski LLC
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Michael Stuzynski
Rector Stuzynski LLC
Colorado Springs,

Mr. Stuzynski is an experienced trial lawyer who has worked in the trenches of the criminal justice system as a public defender for over 6 years, representing clients at every level of the state court system. He has worked with clients charged with all types of cases, including homicides.

Mr. Stuzynski also has experience representing clients charged with misdemeanors and traffic offenses. No case is too complex or too mundane, and every client deserves the highest level of representation. After all, the impact of even an allegation can be enough to destroy a personal and professional reputation it took you a lifetime to build. You need an attorney who understands the impact this process is having on your life, who can talk you through the process, humanize you to the system, and fight hard for the result that is fair and just.

Aggressive, Client-Centered Criminal Defense Representation
Being charged with a crime is one of the most traumatic events a person can experience. Once it happens, your entire life takes a back seat to the legal system as you are reduced to an arrest report by the police, a charging document by the prosecutor, and a case number by the judges.

You may think you can just go in and explain the situation rationally but trying to do this always makes things worse for you. The system is simply not set up to see you and treat you like a human being. That is why it is imperative to secure competent, aggressive representation as early in the process as you can so you can at least have some semblance of peace of mind about the process.

Michael Stuzynski has gone to trial over 150 times and has won numerous victories for clients facing serious charges, including:

Not guilty on felony burglary;
Not guilty on 1st degree assault;
Not guilty on aggravated motor vehicle theft;
Not guilty on 2nd degree assault domestic violence;
Not guilty on 2nd degree assault on a police officer;
Not guilty on indecent exposure;
Not guilty on unlawful sexual contact;
Not guilty on felony menacing;
Judgment of Acquittal on Sexual Exploitation of a Child.

The law is a daunting arena, which is why it is important to talk with an attorney with the skillset and compassion to see you through the process to a just conclusion.

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