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Neat Sawyer
Law Offices of Allen Sawyer

Attorney Allen Sawyer specializes in serious criminal defense law, marijuana criminal defense, and marijuana compliance in Stockton, Sacramento, and Northern California.

After completing his undergraduate education at the University of the Pacific, Allen Sawyer attended law school at the University of California’s Hastings College of the Law, where he earned his Juris Doctor. He became licensed to practice law in the state of California in 1994. Initially working as a prosecutor in California’s Central Valley, Sawyer served as a deputy district attorney in Stockton, CA specializing in violent crime prosecutions. Later he was appointed by the Governor of California to run the Governor’s Office of Criminal Justice Planning, which oversaw a 500 million dollar budget for law enforcement, new criminal justice legislation, and innovative new law enforcement programs.

In the second act of his legal career, Sawyer became a defense attorney in Stockton. There he founded his own firm, the Law Offices of Allen Sawyer, in 2003, when he began passionately serving his clients as a criminal defense and personal injury attorney. He is an active member of the State Bar of California.

As a former prosecutor, attorney Allen Sawyer not only understands the processes and techniques of criminal prosecution, but also, as a criminal defense attorney, is uniquely poised to argue for you against prosecution attorneys. Having gained over a decade of criminal defense experience makes Sawyer familiar with both sides of a criminal trial, and well-suited to defend clients facing criminal charges. While Sawyer’s acquittal record speaks for itself, his goal is to help his clients avoid prosecution altogether.

Experienced California Criminal Defense Attorney

Honing his expertise over 20 years of legal experience, attorney Allen Sawyer offers a range of California criminal defense services to clients in the Stockton, Sacramento, and Northern California areas:

Criminal Defense Law –Representing individuals charged with serious crimes throughout California, Allen Sawyer’s expertise as a criminal defense attorney spans a wide array of charges, including such aspects of white collar criminal defense as embezzlement and real estate fraud. Allen Sawyer has unique experience defending high profile cases that garner a lot of media attention. He is quite often sought out by the media to be a legal commentator on legal issues of the day.

Marijuana Criminal Defense—Allen Sawyer is recognized state wide as the go-to attorney for those charged with a marijuana crime. While Proposition 64 lowered some penalties for marijuana crimes, many prosecutions still involve serious prison sentences. Allen Sawyer is uniquely experienced in defending marijuana charges. Likewise, Allen Sawyer seeks to assist individuals charged or convicted with wrongly-classified California marijuana offenses, and to aid clients seeking to reduce or expunge from their records marijuana criminal offenses committed prior to California’s Proposition 64.

Marijuana Compliance—In matters of cannabis compliance, attorney Allen Sawyer looks to assist marijuana companies in adhering to the regulatory rules and laws governing the marijuana sales industry, with the end goal of avoiding future non-compliance litigation.

Personal Injury Law –Attorney Allen Sawyer represents victims of negligence in Stockton and the surrounding area. Mr. Sawyer focuses on serious injury cases, including wrongful death, brain injury, and truck accidents. As a personal injury attorney Sawyer has recovered millions of dollars in compensation for his clients.

Proficient and Compassionate Attorney Representation

Attorney Allen Sawyer not only understands both ends of the legal system, but also has personal experience as both lawyer and defendant. Having experienced first-hand the emotional and financial stresses of combating legal issues, and especially of facing circumstances that appear insurmountable, Sawyer understands the value of competent, supportive representation. He is sensitive to the impact conviction and incarceration could have on the lives and futures of his clients, and is passionate to assist them in avoiding conviction. Now in possession of a deeper appreciation for, and faith in, the legal system for which he works, attorney Allen Sawyer pledges a renewed re-commitment to respecting the dignity of his clients, to making himself available to serve their needs, and, if necessary, to standing by their side in court.

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