Phillip Robinson

The Robinson Law Firm, LLC
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Phillip Robinson
The Robinson Law Firm, LLC
Baton Rouge,

A champion is defined as a person who vigorously supports or fights for a person or cause. Before I fight to protect your rights against the those responsible, get to know me.

As a college student I fought passionately for improvements to my campus and for improvements to student life at Southern University. My advocacy has not only been for my clients but for my community.

While a law school student I chose to spend my time in the civil and administrative law clinic handling cases for those who fell below the federal poverty guideline. From Family Law Cases to Lemon Law car claims, I was able to seek justice for many clients. I received an award in recognition of outstanding advocacy.

Prior to graduating Law School in 2015, I worked as a law clerk under the direct tutelage of my father Atty. Dr. Edward A. Robinson III. Atty. Dr. Edward A. Robinson III former law clerks have gone on to be some of the best and brightest in the legal community including judges, law professors, and even a Louisiana House of Representatives member.

Additionally, I’ve spent time working with the Louisiana Budget Project to help find solutions to the Louisiana Budget Crisis. Other successful advocacy campaigns I’ve been apart of include Smoke-Free Baton Rouge, and Healthy Vending in State Buildings lead by the American Heart Association, and Tulane.

As an attorney, I have gone on to fight for the rights of my clients against many of the largest companies and law firms. The success achieved for my clients is credited to my faith in God, passion for the law, and compassion for people.

What clients appreciate the most is that when they hire me, I am the one they actually communicate with. Injuries are often very personal and so should be your attorney-client relationship. You want to speak with the attorney you hired not her/his law clerk or legal secretary.

No matter how big or small your legal issue may be, I always find time to listen. I believe when you leave any attorney’s office you should have more knowledge leaving than when you came.

My awards, achievements, and past honors to the side, I am the person you can trust to champion your legal fight.

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