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Reza Davani

KBA Attorneys - Maryland
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Reza Davani
KBA Attorneys - Maryland
Bel Air,

Baltimore Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

My personal injury practice focuses almost exclusively on helping nursing home abuse victims around the country, from Baltimore, Maryland to California, seek justice against negligent nursing facilities, doctors, hospitals, and a variety of nursing homes, including care homes and assisted living facilities.

I have personally worked with and represented hundreds of nursing home abuse and medical malpractice clients.

I consider myself a true Baltimore nursing home abuse attorney, though, because I live in Baltimore and the great majority of clients whom I fight for are Baltimore nursing home abuse victims.

The full scope of national, Maryland and Baltimore nursing home abuse injuries and medical malpractice cases that I can help you with include:

◊  Nursing home Abuse

◊  Elder Abuse

◊  Senior Living Abuse

◊  Medical Malpractice

◊  Sepsis Malpractice

◊  Nursing Home Assaults

◊  Wrongful Death

◊  Septic Shock Malpractice

◊  Elopement Negligence

◊  Medical Bed Rails Negligence

◊  Nursing Home Falls

◊  Assisted Living Facility Lawsuit

◊  Elder Sexual Abuse

◊  Emotional Abuse

◊  Nursing Home Bed Sores

◊  Dehydration Neglect

◊  Malnutrition Neglect

◊  UTI Death & Negligence

◊  Medication Error Lawsuit

◊  Nursing Home Choking Deaths

◊  Nursing Home Arbitration

◊  Nursing Home Infection

◊  Alzheimer’s Abuse in Nursing Homes

◊  Subdural Hematoma Injuries

◊  Wheelchair Injuries to Elders

◊  Hospice Malpractice

◊  Spinal Cord Injury

Regardless of the injuries, abuse, or neglect that you or your family suffered in a negligent nursing home, if the injuries are serious I can help you seek justice, and invite you to recruit the help of a dedicated nursing home abuse attorney to fight for you.

Keep reading below to learn more about my experience, credentials, and how and why my nursing home abuse advocacy can help you win.

Although I am geographically a Baltimore nursing home abuse attorney, I have represented clients, and reviewed nursing home abuse cases, in more than half the United States. This includes cases in the following states and jurisdictions around the country:

◊  Arizona

◊  Delaware

◊  California

◊  District of Columbia

◊  Florida

◊  Georgia

◊  Illinois

◊  Indiana

◊  Iowa

◊  Massachusetts

◊  Maryland

◊  Michigan

◊  Minnesota

◊  Mississippi

◊  Missouri

◊  Nebraska

◊  New Jersey

◊  New Mexico

◊  New York

◊  North Carolina

◊  Ohio

◊  Pennsylvania

◊  South Carolina

◊  Texas

◊  Washington

◊  Wisconsin

◊  Virginia

I am able to do this because nursing home safety standards, regardless of what state you are in, including Baltimore and Maryland, are controlled by federal nursing home laws and regulations. I am familiar with those safety measures, which allows me to assess violations and identify nursing home abuse anywhere in the country.

Despite my national reach, my focus is in Maryland, and most focused on Baltimore nursing home abuse cases.

Baltimore Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Credentials

I received my Juris Doctor degree from the University of Maryland Francs King Carey School of Law, in Baltimore, Maryland.

I received my license to practice law from the State of Maryland’s Court of Appeals. My law license number is #1212110211. I have been practicing law for 10 years.

Before earning my license, I represented underprivileged clients through Maryland Law School’s legal clinics.

Nursing Home Top Lawyer I am a registered member of the following national and Maryland legal organizations:

◊  Maryland Association for Justice (MAJ)

◊  American Bar Association (ABA)

◊  American Association for Justice (AAJ)

For the past four (4) years (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022), I have been selected by SuperLawyers as a Rising Star.

It’s difficult to keep updating every page on my site, but as of the date I’m writing this sentence, I’ve handled over 400 nursing home abuse claim reviews, investigations, and litigations. In terms of my activity as Baltimore nursing home abuse attorney, at least 50 (likely much more) of those claims and cases were Baltimore nursing home abuse, neglect, malpractice, and assault cases.

I am not only familiar with Baltimore nursing home abuse laws, but I’m also familiar with Baltimore nursing homes, their litigation strategies, and their historical deficiencies, including how they let COVID kills patients during the pandemic while they continued to focus on squeezing profits out of your loved ones.

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