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Robert Mancini

Attorney At Law
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Robert Mancini
Attorney At Law

Prior to Law School, I worked in sales and then management for a

multi-national water purification company called Ionics Incorporated.

First, in Washington DC, and then Manhattan and Philadelphia.

As General Manager of the Philadelphia office, I oversaw all operational and financial aspects of a company with 1.5 million in annual revenue and two dozen employees. This with no training in management or finance.

I studied History in college. It was during this time I earned my first Master's Degree in Political Science. Next, I attended Law School and was immediately hired by the Bucks County District Attorney's Office which was headed by now Judge Alan M. Rubenstein. While working for the District Attorney, I earned my second MA in the field of History, which I utilize currently as an adjunct instructor at the Bucks County Community College.

These experiences coupled, with a working class upbringing have given me a down to earth look at the problems faced by ordinary people. I believe that I am able to counsel people with honest and insightful advice about things which may be leading to criminal behavior, in addition to being a strong advocate.

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