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Roland Tiemann

Tiemann Defense
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Roland Tiemann
Tiemann Defense
El Dorado Hills,

Roland X. Tiemann graduated from Sacramento State University, California with a degree in the Biological Sciences and obtained his law degree from Lincoln Law School, Sacramento. Over the years, he has aggressively represented 1000’s of people arrested for alcohol and drug related DUI’s. No other attorney in El Dorado County has the training certifications and qualifications that Mr. Tiemann has when it comes to DUI defense. In fact, he regularly trains other attorneys in DMV Admin Per Se hearings, DUI defense law, science, and trial practice. He was the only attorney from across the country to get a perfect score on the forensic testing examination given at the Advanced Blood and Urine testing seminar in San Diego.     

Breath/Blood Testing Science: Mr. Tiemann’s scientific background in biochemistry, microbiology, and physiology sets him apart from other attorneys because he is an expert in the science behind the metabolism of alcohol or drugs and the problems associated with breath and blood testing methods.     

Breath Test Equipment: Mr. Tiemann owns and operates all of the breath testing equipment used including the Drager 7410, 7110, and Alcosensor IV. This allows him to aggressively cross-examine police officers and state experts on the operation, maintenance, and calibration of the devices because he knows the machines are often not used and calibrated properly.   

Blood Test Equipment: Mr. Tiemann received 40 hours of hands on analytical training from Axion Labs in Forensic Chromatography. This allows him to vigorously cross-examine the state criminalist on alcohol and drug testing and the many problems associated with drug and alcohol testing methods.  

Standardized Field Sobriety Test: Mr. Tiemann is a qualified Field Sobriety Test Instructor having completing the National Highway Safety Administration and International Chiefs of Police DWI Detection and SFST Instructor training program. This allows him to cross-examine the police officer’s administration of field sobriety tests because he knows they are often not administered properly resulting in erroneous officer opinions in court.     

Drug Dui Expert: Mr. Tiemann completed the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) and International Chiefs of Police Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) course overview program. This allows him to challenge the police officer on the results of the DRE exam and how the facts often contradict the officer’s conclusions in Drug DUI cases.

Police/Lab Procedures: Mr. Tiemann has an extensive library of law enforcement and laboratory procedures manuals which he has studied and uses to challenge the state’s case because he knows that in most DUI cases the State doesn’t follow their own regulations and procedures. 


National College for DUI Defense

California DUI Lawyers Association

State Bar of California


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