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Ronnie Yeates, II

Ronnie Yeates PLLC
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Ronnie Yeates, II
Ronnie Yeates PLLC

Ronnie began his legal career interning with the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office investigating cold cases and homicides while attending Sam Houston State University for his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement in 1997. While attending South Texas College of Law in Houston, Ronnie interned with the Harris County District Attorney's office in the 184th District Court handing multiple felonies including felony DWI.

Upon graduating law school Ronnie started working for the Walker County District Attorney's Office as a Felony Prosecutor in the 278th District Court where he was responsible for Felony DWI's, Aggravated Offenses, and Felony drug charges. He began working for the Grimes County District Attorney's Office in 2001 being responsible for all misdemeanor charges in the County Court at Law and all the Justice Courts. He was tasked with representing the state in every level of DWI prosecution for almost 17 years?from intake, search warrants, to trials and appeals. When he retired in 2018, he was responsible for Occupational License reviews and hearings, bond revocation, motions to revoke or adjudicate, trial and appeal in every misdemeanor charge in Grimes county and felonies ranging from as little as 180 days in State Jail to Life in Prison.

Ronnie retired June 2018 after almost 17 years as an Assistant District Attorney handling tens of thousands of cases in three Justice Courts, all the misdemeanors in the County Court at Law, and many felony charges in the two District Courts. He now uses his talents and experience in Private Practice as a criminal lawyer.

Outside of his criminal practice, Ronnie was taught at a young age how to shoot and handle firearms. Ronnie has been an avid firearms enthusiast his whole life. Ronnie has been intricatley involved in the planning and overseeing of several machine gun shoots over the years throughout the state of Texas.

As such, he has advised and worked with many clients over the years to help them in the planning, drafting, and execution of testamentary documents to own and possess National Firearms Act weapons such as Silencers, Short Barreled Rifles and Shotguns, machine guns, and other items. He has guided them through the process of acquiring them and by drafting Trusts for his client's use in possessing such items.

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