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Russell Brown

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Russell Brown
Santa Barbara,

Criminal defense attorney Russell Brown provides high-quality criminal defense services that are custom-designed to fit the needs of his clients.

Criminal Defense Philosophy

The goal of the criminal justice system should be to understand why a person has committed an offense and provide that person with the services needed to reduce the risk they will commit an offense in the future.

Criminal Defense Cases

Russell frequently works on DUIs, battery, domestic violence battery, misdemeanors, drug charges, and drunk in public cases. Mr. Brown also offers expungements for his clients.

Criminal Defense Experience

Since January 2016, Russell Brown has been mentored by criminal law specialist Robert F. Landheer. In 2017, Russell began taking on his own clients and quickly learned to manage his own criminal cases. Russell excels at negotiating reduced charges with the district attorney and contesting unlawful police stops, searches, and seizures.

Mr. Brown’s first experience in criminal defense came in 2007 when he clerked for Santa Barbara criminal defense attorneys Dan Murphy and Michael Carty.

Russell attended Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, where he interned with the Innocence Project, a non-profit organization famous freeing innocent people from prison.

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