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Symone Redwine

The Redwine Law Firm, PLLC
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Symone Redwine
The Redwine Law Firm, PLLC

Beauty, brains and a bold Southern attitude…attorney Symone Redwine has it all and gives her all to each of her clients in the courtroom and in life.

Redwine, who attended the University of Pittsburgh where she studied finance, received her law degree from Cornell University. She practiced fashion and trademark law in New York City before returning to Texas where she launched her private practice, The Redwine Law Firm, PLLC with offices in Dallas and Houston. In 2020, she merged her practice with the national Black-owned law firm, Esquire Litigation Group and serves as managing partner of their Houston and Dallas offices..

Redwine has handled many high-profile cases during her career including the first case of its kind against R&B singer R. Kelly. She served as co-council with attorney Lee Merritt in the lawsuit involving a teenage girl from Texas with whom Kelly had a sexual encounter resulting in the teen contracting the incurable herpes virus. At the time of the encounter, Kelly had knowingly been infected with the virus for over a decade, yet continued to engage in behavior which spread it to teens. Redwine filed suit in New York City under its unique “me-too” centric statute, aimed at protecting women who are preyed upon by powerful men. Her other high profile clients include: Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton and Diane von Furstenberg,.

Symone has also handled a number of consumer and civil rights cases including the viral case of a young mother who was stalked by a male neighbor and attacked in her home on video while filming a Tik Tock dance video. Through her efforts, Symone was able to assist the client in being released from her contract with the apartment complex and secured new housing for her client pro bono. The case received national attention including TMZ, Buzzfeed and other news outlets around the country. 

Redwine also serves the community by providing legal advice and information to underserved communities via her popular podcast and Youtube Channel, "Girl, Is that Legal,". She also serves as a legal contributor to The Dallas Weekly newspaper.  

Whether she’s bankrupting multimillion-dollar companies for selling deadly products that kill children or teaching pretty people how to LEGALLY tax deduct their hair, makeup and travel expenses, Redwine helps clients SOLVE their legal problems while dishing out witty but effective legal solutions. This "Oak Cliff" educated and ivy-league-educated Queen teaches viewers how to use the law as their asset, dishing out "real world" advice like only a homegirl could: directly, empathetically and unapologetically Symone. 

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