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Born and raised in southwest Minnesota, attorney Tara Adolph received a Bachelor of Science in Justice Administration with a minor in Professional Communications from Southwest Minnesota State University in 2009. She was one of the youngest students accepted to Marquette University Law School at the age of 19. Attorney Adolph received her Juris Doctor degree upon graduation from Marquette in 2011. While attending Marquette, she completed more than 120 hours of pro bono service. Her judicial internship included working with Judge David Borowski of the Milwaukee County Circuit Court Felony Division and with the National Guard Staff Judge Advocate in Madison, Wisconsin. Attorney Tara Adolph also worked as a law clerk for two Milwaukee law firms and focused on both civil and criminal law. Adding to her law experience and knowledge, she is a certified Guardian ad Litem and an advocate for children in family and juvenile matters.

Green Bay WI Attorney Adolph: Areas of Practice
This Green Bay, Wisconsin attorney is a general law practitioner and practices in a broad range of legal areas, including family law, Guardian ad Litem work, CHIPS cases, traffic citations, litigation and criminal law. She?s knowledgeable and passionate about protecting her client?s rights and compassionate.

Family law includes a wide array of legal issues, such as prenups, divorce, child custody, visitation and support. Attorney Tara Adolph encourages her clients to participate in non-adversarial options for family issues, including mediation. As an alternative to a court hearing, these processes are quicker, less expensive and tend to help all parties keep good relationships. Neutral third parties are assigned to help couples address issues and come to an agreed resolution. During these processes, attorney Tara Adolph can act as your legal advisor and review agreements before you sign. At the same time, she?s a strong litigator should an agreement not be reached, and a court trial is the only solution.

Criminal Defense: Tara Adolph

Being charged with a crime is a serious matter. While misdemeanors are minor offenses, felonies are taken seriously by the court and may result in high fines, long prison sentence and the loss of employment. Tara Adolph does a thorough investigation to ensure probable cause existed, takes depositions from witnesses, uses experts for your defense and develops a strong defense strategy.

If a plea is offered from the prosecution, attorney Tara Adolph will advise you whether it?s in your best interest to accept it. She?ll be totally honest with you about the evidence and help you make the best decision.

From family law to criminal law and municipal law to traffic law, turn to attorney Tara Adolph for legal advice with a personal touch. Your future is just as important to her as it is to you.

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