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Thomas Melanson

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Thomas Melanson
Melanson Law Office P.C.

All criminal charges are serious. The consequences of being arrested and convicted reach far beyond the courts and can impact many aspects of your personal life, including job prospects, family relationships and immigration status. If you face serious criminal charges, you need an attorney who understands the court system from the inside and outside.

During my 19 year career in the criminal justice system, I have been both a prosecutor and defense attorney. I have been a a state and federal criminal defense attorney, aSenior Assistant District Attorney, and anAssistant Deputy Attorney General with theNew York State Organized Crime Task Force. I have handled thousands of cases, from Petit Larceny to Drug Trafficking to Organized Crime to Murder. I have tried over 70 jury trials successfully, including RICO, Murder, Rape, and Drug Trafficking. I have managed large-scale criminal investigations, including wiretaps and search warrants, and I haverepresented people under investigation by federal authorities.

Having worked on both sides, I know what a DA needs to get a conviction ? and I know that the DA does not always have that.

I graduated from Emory University School of Law in 1996. I began my career working for a small law firm representing people charged with crimes. I then became an Assistant District Attorney, where I rose through the ranks to become the Supervising Drug Crimes Attorney and Senior Trial Attorney. During that time, I was appointed Special Assistant United States Attorney to handle cases brought in federal court. I joined the New York State Organized Crime Task Force as an Assistant Deputy Attorney General where I investigated and prosecuted large and small criminal organizations involved in illegal drugs, gambling, loansharking, bribery and prostitution. I further developed my career by joining a sophisticated private investigative firm in New York City, where I helped private individuals and companies handle sensitive internal matters, as well as assisted and advised public agencies in anti-corruption and fraud-prevention measures.

Having an aggressive, knowledgeable, and experienced attorney on your side can change the outcome of a case. Each case is unique, each case is different, and each case needs to be thoroughly examined in order to get the best possible result.

Call my office today at 845-331-2047 and set an appointment for a free consultation.

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