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Warren Epperly

Nicolet Law Office
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Warren Epperly
Nicolet Law Office

A personal injury case is a modern day version of David and Goliath. It is the blue-collar American working to provide for their family vs the giants of the insurance industry. These companies prosper on taking advantage of the “little guy.”

At Nicolet, we stand strong in opposition of these giants and show them time and time again that our clients aren’t so little. They are real people that need real justice and that is exactly what we aim to deliver.


Growing up in West Virginia, I saw firsthand how certain industries routinely take advantage of people that do not have the resources or skillset to turn the tides. This is where my passion for helping the underdog manifested.

Personal injury attorneys regularly have scores of cases, but they must not forget that each case is often someone’s whole life. I make it my priority to first listen to my client and understand the magnitude of their situation and all of the ways that their lives have been altered as result of their injury. Only then can I build a specific plan of attack for how to best represent them for their individual needs. I understand that no two cases are alike and that my skillset needs to be utilized differently each and every time. This approach has allowed me to proudly recover millions for my clients every year across Minnesota and North Dakota.

In 2020, I secured a $200,000 settlement for a client who was attacked by her boss’ dog. This was 100x what the insurance company offered prior to my representation.

In 2021, I secured a settlement of $300,000 for a child who was attacked by a family friend’s Labrador Retriever. This was representative of the dog owner’s policy limits.

In 2021, I secured a settlement of $225,000 for a client who fell in a parking garage and broke her arm.

In the spring of 2022, I negotiated a settlement of $1,100,000 for a gentleman who was hit by a farm truck in rural North Dakota. The insurance company asserted that my client was not wearing the appropriate cycling gear and that he assumed the risk by traveling down this particular road.

In the summer of 2022, I successfully litigated a dog attack involving a minor child that resulted in a verdict of nearly 30x the insurance company’s offer at the beginning of litigation.

In the fall 2022, I recovered $900,000 for an elderly client who sustained two broken legs after striking a flatbed trailer that was partially in the roadway. The insurance company attempted to place liability on my client due to her glaucoma and failed avoidance maneuver.

In early 2023, I represented a father and his two daughters who were playing in the snow outside of their home when a neighbor hit the children with his van. The insurance company tried to place liability on my clients but ultimately issued their $500,000 policy limits.

In the Summer of 2023, I negotiated a $900,000 settlement for a backseat passenger injured in a motorcycle accident. This settlement is nearly 4x the initial settlement offer.

Bringing my clients the closure and justice that they deserve is one of my greatest joys in life, but I also enjoy spending quality time with my wife and two sons, riding my motorcycle, and exercising.


·     Personal Injury

·     Motor Vehicle Accidents

·     Motorcycle Accidents

·     Dog Bites & Animal Attacks


·     Minnesota

·     North Dakota

·     U.S. District Court – District of North Dakota


·     West Virginia University College of Law, Morgantown, West Virginia – J.D.

·     Marshall University – B.S., Majors: Accounting & Finance 


·     Super Lawyers Rising Star, 2022-2023

·     Graduated Cum Laude – Marshall University

·     West Virginia General Law Scholarship Recipient

·     President’s Foundation Award

·     John Marshall Scholarship Recipient

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