A. Adam Mehrfar

A. Adam Mehrfar, Attorney at Law
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A. Adam Mehrfar is a lawyer in New York City whose practice is focused primarily on criminal defense and entertainment law. He began his training in criminal defense in 1993, working as an intern at the Legal Aid Society - Criminal Defense Division, and later for the Office of the Public Defender, Dade County, Florida. It was also while in law school that Mr. Mehrfar began his training in entertainment law. As an aficionado of art and music, Mr. Mehrfar worked as an intern at the organization Volunteer Lawyer for the Arts and later as a law clerk for the entertainment law firms of Rudolph & Beer and the Law Offices of Matthew Kletter.

After graduating from Brooklyn Law School, Mr. Mehrfar worked for some time at an entertainment law firm before being hired as a Staff Attorney in the Criminal Defense Division of the Legal Aid Society. He served in both Brooklyn and Manhattan for approximately four years. At Legal Aid, Mr. Mehrfar quickly rose to prominence after he persuaded the District Attorney's office to dismiss a criminal case against a man who had allegedly assaulted a police officer. Through aggressive investigation, Mr. Mehrfar was able to uncover a pattern of police brutality by that officer, which eventually led to his suspension from the NYPD. During his tenure at Legal Aid, Mr. Mehrfar was elected and served as the Vice President of the Association of Legal Aid Attorneys, in charge of representing 125 lawyers in labor negotiations and office disciplinary proceedings.

Mr. Mehrfar started the Law Office of A. Adam Mehrfar in 1999, committed to using his valuable trial and advocacy experience to continue practicing criminal defense, but to also return to his other passion- entertainment law. Mr. Mehrfar is now recognized as one of the very few lawyers in New York City who has a very successful practice in both criminal defense and entertainment law. Indeed, Mr. Mehrfar credits his experience as a litigator in giving him a decisive advantage in drafting and negotiating entertainment law contracts. Conversely, his experience in dealing with a vast array of contracts and corporate documents as an entertainment lawyer has proven to be a great advantage in the legal writing required in motion practice as a criminal lawyer, as well as reviewing and assessing documentary evidence in white collar cases.

Mr. Mehrfar's list of entertainment client's is quite broad. His past and present clients include Bethenny Frankel, NYT best-selling author and reality TV star, Flying Television Productions LLC, the premier talent booking and brokering firm of New York City, Jay Michael, a real estate magnate and restaurateur featured on the Bravo program 100 Days of Summer, Nicholas Forker, a talented and upcoming fine artist based out of New York City, Rossella Rago, the Celebrity Chef and Host of "Cooking with Nonna" web series, Noah David Smith, the well regarded cinematographer and director, Laramy "Sasquatch" Miller, a survivalist, hunter and star of the television series "Sasquatch Mountain Man", as well as the comedian and entertainer Michael Weingartner. With such a diverse clientele, Mr. Mehrfar has successfully handled perhaps every deal or contract imaginable- television deals, book deals, licensing deals, endorsement deals, management agreements, celebrity appearance agreements, large-scale event production agreements, complex multi-tiered LLC operating agreements, employment agreements, etc.

As an expert on criminal law matters, Mr. Mehrfar has delivered commentary to various local television stations, including Fox News. He has also been quoted in the New York Law Journal, the New York Daily News, AM New York and Maxim magazine. Mr. Mehrfar is well regarded by prosecutors, judges and other criminal defense attorneys for his charm and litigation skills. The results he has achieved over the years speak for themselves.

Mr. Mehrfar received a Bachelor of the Arts in History and Political Science with an emphasis in political philosophy from the University of Wisconsin- Madison in 1992. He received his Juris Doctor from Brooklyn Law School in 1995, and has been a member of the New York State Bar since 1996. He is also a member of the Bar for the Federal Courts- Southern, Eastern and Northern Districts of New York- as well as the Supreme Court of the United States of America.