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Adam understands how small details can make a big impact on a person’s life. He practiced for a decade in healthcare as a critical care registered nurse and Firefighter/EMT, and knows firsthand that a simple mistake can cost a person their life. Adam has the same mentality as a trial lawyer is no different, where a simple failure can cost a person their liberty, livelihood, or life.

Nurse turned Criminal Defense Lawyer? Why?
After completing a two-year critical care residency, Adam became a traveling critical care nurse, which eventually lead to a short contract with a for-profit hospital in California. It was both the first and last for-profit hospital Adam worked at, because the level of care was so atrocious that Adam decided to do something about it. Numerous conversations with the Department of Justice and the FBI convinced Adam that a law degree was the best tool he could have to help regular people fight back against these types of unjust systems. In an effort to explore that fight more, Adam law clerked for two years with the United States Attorney’s Offices for both the Eastern District of Tennessee and the Middle District of Georgia. The federal experience was both unique and instructive. Not shying away from a challenge, Adam decided that the biggest and most lopsided system to try and balance was the government’s heavy-handed prosecution of crimes. Enter criminal defense.

Criminal Defense
After passing the bar, Adam became an assistant public defender in Paulding County, Georgia, where he handled over 1,000 criminal cases ranging from murder to juvenile delinquency. Because of his love of science, Adam became the go-to public defender for DUI defense and was later recruited by a prestigious DUI firm in metro-Atlanta. While in private practice, Adam handled hundreds more DUI specific cases, leaving a trail of satisfied clients in his wake. Adam left that firm on good terms to open up the Law Office of Adam D. Brown, LLC, where he is committed to providing individualized representation of every client he agrees to take on. Every client gets his personal cell-phone and trust. After a career of working night-shift and on-call in the hospital, when you call at 2:00 a.m., Adam answers. Adam is a member of the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys.

DUI Defense
Adam is certified in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing and is well trained in what is known as the “Drug Recognition Expert” model that law enforcement organizations promote. He maintains licensure as a Registered Nurse, which gives him special insight into many facets of DUI investigations. He is a member of the National College of DUI Defense and was selected by fellow Georgia DUI expert attorneys to be a full member of Georgia’s premier Defense of Drinking Drivers group. He has successfully defended many members of the military, medical professionals, airline pilots, and individuals with a high-profile public life, including NFL players, MLB players, and screen actresses/actors. Adam works tirelessly to get the outcome you desire, whether that is winning the case outright in a jury trial or finding creative solutions for those with a more discrete need. As a funny but telling anecdote, Adam will even continue cross-examining salty State Troopers for two hours in a pitch-black courtroom when the power goes out—and win while doing it (White County Superior Court, December 29, 2016). Simply put, Adam will not give up on you.

Professional License Defense
Adam has been a licensed registered nurse in Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and California. He understands how stressful interactions with the professional licensing boards are, and how vital unencumbered licensure is to the maintenance of your livelihood and reputation. He has helped licensed individuals successfully navigate licensing board inquiries to the most discrete outcome possible. A common line of inquiry deals with substance abuse, whether it is alcohol, prescription drugs, or other types of drugs. On top of defending the underlying charge (if any), Adam can help you begin building a mitigation packet on DAY 1. As a former clinician himself, Adam is extremely selective about the substance abuse evaluators he recommends, knowing that a misfired assessment will almost certainly result in a missed target down the line. Moreover, Adam is mindful of costs, and works diligently to make sure clients are doing the most meaningful and impactful work, rather than immediately jumping to high-dollar “boutique” services.

Free Consultation
DON’T PANIC. Adam’s number one goal during a consultation is to reduce your stress. He doesn’t like the “used car salesman” approach, so he doesn’t subject others to such tactics, either. He is a firm believer that a consultation should leave you feeling educated and ready to begin the process of moving forward rather than being mired in the muck of uncertainty. The length of the consultation is determined by your needs—some cases take twenty minutes, others might need hours.

Environmentally Conscious
The practice of law consumes an extraordinary amount of paper. Adam has committed to two simple actions to offset this impact. The first is simply reducing his paper consumption by using an online case management system, with secure and encrypted client portals. The second commitment is to environmentally conscious non-profits., where Adam donates at least $50 for every new case he takes on in the hopes of one day offsetting the firm’s paper consumption.

Medical Experience & Mountain Explorations
During his time as a nurse, Adam was acknowledged by the Tennessee Nurses Association with a District Leadership Award in 2006. He also spent three years on the Board of Directors for the Tennessee Association of Student Nurses. He volunteered with fire departments and rescue squads in rural Tennessee, becoming educated in advanced vehicle extrication techniques, hazardous materials response, large/farm animal rescue (yes, it’s a thing), and high-angle rescue techniques. Adam combined his love of backpacking with medicine and became a wilderness first responder, working at times with the Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation, and the Cumberland Trail Conservancy as trial crew medic and Search & Rescue team member. Adam continues to spend most weekends backpacking in the mountains with his wife and four daughters.