Adam Oakey

Law Office of Adam Oakey, LLC
PO Box 70483
Albuquerque, NM 87197

Adam Oakey, New Mexico native, went to Anderson School of Business and graduated with honors. After graduations from Anderson, Adam went to University of New Mexico’s School of Law. He graduated from there in 2017.  After working at Bowles Law Firm, Adam decided to open his own practice in January of 2018.

After only two and a half years on his own, Adam has about 200 clients and 10 employees as well as two additional attorneys.

Adam has done anything from DUI to 1st Degree Murder cases and is not afraid of any challenge, as you may know, if you know about his past Mixed Martial Arts Career. Adam was a champion in the cage and it now fighting for the people. He loves his city of Albuquerque and his state of New Mexico.

Adam also takes cases in Personal Injury as he likes helping those that are injured over negligence committed by corporations and or individuals. He takes special pride in batting insurance companies.

The Law Office of Adam Oakey does Family Law. His passion for families and children shows everyday with his four children. Family is his focus in his life.  He treats his clients and practice like his own family members.