Amy Fairfield

Fairfield & Associates
10 Stoney Brook Lane Route 111
Lyman, ME 4002
(207) 985-9465

Amy L. Fairfield is an accomplished and tenacious trial attorney. She has spent more than a decade representing the people of southern Maine. She is committed to protecting the rights of her clients, and her determination and experience are unparalleled.

Amy offers her clients the benefit of her extensive and varied litigation history. During the course of her career, she has been lauded by the Maine legal community for her success in defending clients in some of the most serious cases to occur in the state.

In 2015, she subpoenaed the State of Maine on behalf of a client, successfully demanding that the Department of Health and Human Services be held accountable for violating a court order.

In 2014, she forced the State to dismiss charges against another client, after the Town of Buxton arrested him for a crime he did not commit. Amy is currently engaged in a suit against Buxton and its police officers on behalf of that client.

Amy?s practice is centered on serious and complex criminal cases. In addition, she practices family law, including divorce and allocation of parental rights and responsibilities. Amy is a rostered Guardian ad Litem.