Andrew Hughes

Hughes Law Offices, LLC
53 West Jackson Boulevard, Suite 738
Chicago, IL 60604

Andrew has over 17 years of trial and litigation experience in the fields of toxic tort and transportation law making him uniquely qualified to prosecute diesel exhaust and benzene claims.  In fact, Andrew spent the majority of his career defending Class I railroads, trucking companies, electrical conglomerates and brake manufacturers in wrongful death and catastrophic injury matters.  He now brings that valuable experience to bear representing plaintiffs who have been injured by toxins like diesel exhaust and benzene.    Andrew works with accomplished experts in occupational medicine, pulmonology, oncology, toxicology and industrial hygiene to prove up these claims. Armed with a deep understanding of the subject matter, Andrew focuses his drive on helping workers suffering from diseases such as cancer and leukemia. Andrew's firm fights for workers from all occupations where prolonged exposure to toxins occurs, including the railroad, trucking, construction, mining, firefighting and maritime industries. Diesel and benzene exposed workers are often exposed to other toxins such as welding fumes, silica, radioactive materials and asbestos. All those exposures will be taken into account when consulting with experts and determining the cause of the illness at hand.    While based in Chicago, Andrew represents individuals across the country. That said, he only accepts a limited number of cases which ensures that his clients receive personal, professional service.