Ann Deutscher

Ann R. Deutscher, Attorney at Law
4201 55th Avenue Northeast
Seattle, WA 98105

Ms. Deutscher is an experienced trial lawyer in the areas of medical malpractice and complex litigation. Ms. Deutscher is a graduate of the University of Washington who was born and raised in Seattle. She has been practicing law in the Northwest for twenty-years.
During that time Ms. Deutscher has litigated cases against the United States of America in the federal courts, as well as complex cases involving patient's rights and issues related to medical malpractice. With cases resulting in multimillion dollar resolutions for her clients, Ms. Deutscher is one of this area's leading trial attorneys.
Ms. Deutscher was the 2004?2005 Chairperson of the Washington State Trial Lawyers Medical Malpractice section. Ms. Deutscher is a graduate of Gerry Spence's Trial Lawyer's College, and is now an invited staff member of the Trial Lawyer's College.
3.5 million paralysis case
3.0 million failure to dx pulmonary emobolis
3.0 million undisclosed birth injury (confidential)
1.75 million wrongful hysterectomy verdict
1.0 million failure to dx cardiac anomaly
800,000 School Bus versusPedestrian Accident Settlement
800,000 failure to dx heart attack
750,000 failure to dx stroke
750,000 paralysis from operating table
730,000 failure to dx gastric cancer
700,000 failure to dx aortic aneurism
650,000 failure to dx glaucoma
600,000 Surgical error versus the United States of America
575,000 failure to dx malignant melaoma
570,000 failure to dx diabetes
563,247 operative error in child
450,000 failure to dx and treat brain tumor
450,000 failure to remove IUD
400,000 failure to dx cancer
375,000 failure to dx neurologic deficits
250,000 negligent nursing home care
225,000 failure to dx pulmonary embolis
200,000 improper post-op care
112,500 failure to dx mild pe