Arthur Louissaint

The Louissaint Law Firm
225 Broadway, Ste. 1901
New York, NY 10007

Mr. Louissaint is the founding member of the Louissaint Law Firm, where he handles a variety of matters with extensive experience in Corporate Law, Criminal Defense, Restaurant and Nightlife legal affairs, and Civil Litigation. He has been acknowledged and awarded for his devoted interest in the public good as a legal professional. Mr. Louissaint is a former Prosecutor at the District Attorney’s Office where he initiated, negotiated and prosecuted countless criminal cases. His vast experience in prosecuting criminal cases has led the Louissaint Law Firm to its undeniable success rate in criminal defense. Upon founding The Louissaint Law Firm, Mr. Louissaint sought out the most proficient attorneys in Business Law,Immigration Law, Bankruptcy Law, Real Estate Law, Family Law and Personal Injury Law to manage closely these legal affairs for the firm's clients. The Louissaint Law Firm now represents several corporations including schools, restaurants and wholesale distributors as well as individual clients in a diverse variety of legal issues with the same excellence and success with which it began in criminal defense. Mr. Louissaint is also a passionate musician with over thirty years of experience playing piano. His passion has led him to the legal representation of artists in the creative and music world in addition to the practice areas above.