Benjamin Reed

Benjamin Bradley Reed, P.C.
291 Jarvis St
Canton, GA 30114

Before Benjamin Bradley Reed began his career as an attorney, he worked in the business community with IBM. He was successful with IBM, making the 100% club both years he was eligible. After IBM went through changes in the 1990s, Mr. Reed decided at that time to pursue his childhood dream as a trial lawyer.

When he graduated from Georgia State University’s College of Law in 1997, he began work for the District Attorney’s Office in Savannah, Georgia. Mr. Reed grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, so he thought he would work in Savannah for a couple of years before moving back to the Atlanta area. He fell in love with the city and the people and stayed for more than five years.

Former Prosecutor
As a prosecutor, Mr. Reed tried all types of cases, from DUI to Domestic Violence; from Drug Possession to Robbery; from Armed Robbery to Murder. Mr. Reed developed a positive name for himself within the legal community in Savannah. He, however, decided to focus his experience and expertise representing people who had been charged with crimes by the State of Georgia and the United States of America.

With his background in business, he initially thought he would represent businesses, but during law school, he decided to represent people who had been charged with crimes.

Starting His Own Firm
In 2003, Mr. Reed researched different areas across the State of Georgia for communities that were growing and chose Cherokee County as his primary office location. When he moved to Canton, Georgia, he opened his practice and he diligently has represented people since.

Mr. Reed utilizes his passion for right when defending his clients against the Government. His philosophy is not whether an individual committed a crime, but whether the Government is following the law and complying with the laws and rules that it has set forth for its own agents to follow.

Case Example
For example, the Government charged Mr. Reed’s client with aggravated assault and aggravated battery, two of the most serious crimes in Georgia, short of Murder. Mr. Reed’s client, from the very beginning, said she was acting in self-defense. No one would listen, except Mr. Reed. After a six day jury trial, the jury also listened. The jury, as a compromise, found her guilty of misdemeanors. The case was very emotional and difficult for Mr. Reed’s client and for the jury. One juror cried in the back of the courtroom, wanting to acquit Mr. Reed’s client; another juror came up to Mr. Reed in the courtroom, before he could leave, and said he would hire Mr. Reed if he had been charged with a crime. The only offer to Mr. Reed’s client was 20 years with 10 years to serve in prison.

Mr. Reed has argued before the Supreme Court of the State of Georgia and the Court of Appeals of the State of Georgia. Mr. Reed understands all aspects of the legal system, especially the criminal justice system. Moreover, Mr. Reed believes that technology is an equalizer when it comes to representing people. He utilizes online research and technology to assist in preparation for trial.

Always Improving His Trial Skills
As early as law school, Mr. Reed began honing his skills in the courtroom by participating in mock trial competitions, where he traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada, San Antonio, Texas, and Orlando, Florida. Police agencies recognized Mr. Reed’s efforts as a prosecutor; he taught many police officers in Savannah and Forsyth, Georgia at the State training center. Mr. Reed has attended additional training sessions himself in South Carolina at the National District Attorneys Association at the National Advocacy Center where he was asked to return as a teacher.

Supreme Court of the State of Georgia
Court of Appeals of the State of Georgia
United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit
United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia