Brandine Powell

Liberty & Justice Legal, PA
4699 N. State Road 7, Ste. A1
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33319

Brandine E. Powell has been practicing criminal defense and family law for over 25 years. She has helped many people navigate the justice system. And she has represented thousands of clients who have been charged criminally. She has represented clients in State and Federal courts throughout the State of Florida, litigating complex matters including sex crimes, human trafficking, and murder.

She has a reputation for being fair and professional without compromising the aggressive representation of her clients. She understands that a family law case or a criminal charge affects not only the client, but also the client’s family, and is sensitive to the needs of both the client and the family. Among her clients, she has a reputation for describing any given situation as it is, without mincing words. This “no nonsense” attitude has earned her the respect and trust of her clients and their families for many years.

She understands that for each client, whether they have come in for a family law matter or if they are facing a criminal charge, the situation is likely the most important thing in that client’s life at the time. Ms. Powell is passionate about her work and takes very seriously the duties of a criminal defense attorney by holding the prosecution to their burden of proof, upholding the rights guaranteed to every citizen by our Constitution, and providing each client with the zealous representation they deserve.