Brett Kaehne

Kaehne & Barrette, S.C
514 South 8th Street
Sheboygan, WI 53083

Attorney Brett T. Kaehne has been exclusively practicing in the field of criminal defense for over a decade. Directly out of law school, he founded and grew a successful criminal defense firm in Sheboygan. In 2019, he partnered with long-time colleague Attorney Melissa Barrette to continue a life dedicated to defending those accused of crimes.

Throughout the years, Attorney Kaehne has obtained dismissals of countless Misdemeanor and Felony charges by means of constitutional challenges, negotiations, and not guilty verdicts at jury trial. He is grounded in the understanding that on a daily basis he is not simply dealing with criminal cases, he is dealing with the future and livelihood of people and their families.

Because of his passion for criminal defense and results in the courtroom, Attorney Kaehne has presented at several seminars throughout the State educating other defense attorneys on a variety of topics. As a NORML legal committee member, he is also dedicated to reforming the outdated laws on cannabis use to make cannabis legal medicinally, and for responsible adults for recreational use.