Brian Markovitz, Esquire

Joseph Greenwald & Laake, PA
6404 Ivy Ln Ste 400
Greenbelt, MD 20770

Brian Markovitz is a principal in the firm's Labor and Employment and Civil Litigation practice groups who focuses primarily on helping victims who have suffered severe injustice in the workplace. He represents individuals throughout Maryland, the Washington D.C. area and across the country in complex employment litigation and appellate matters involving wrongful termination, retaliation by employers in response to reporting fraud or misconduct and discrimination on the basis of race, gender, age and sexual orientation.

Brian is nationally recognized as a leading practitioner in the representation of whistleblowers in individual and class action suits involving employer violations of the federal False Claims Act. His clients span numerous industries - health care, pharmaceuticals, construction plus many more - and he has unique ability to hold companies and individuals accountable for engaging in massive fraudulent schemes and retaliating against clients who have the courage to blow the whistle. Popular news sources such as The Washington Post, Baltimore Sun, Bloomberg BNA, and The Wall Street Journal often ask Brian to provide commentary on high-profile whistleblower cases litigated throughout the country.

Brian has achieved successful outcomes in numerous whistleblower actions. Most recently, he helped an occupational therapist report various skilled nursing facilities for Medicare fraud, resulting in over $10 million dollars of illegal funds being returned to the taxpayers and his client receiving over a million dollars in compensation.

Clients trust Brian to help them during their most desperate times, and they appreciate his dedication to correcting injustices that have a tremendous impact on their lives. He brings an individualized and holistic approach to every case, taking into account each client's distinct needs and goals in resolving the dispute. Brian has seen a wide variety of controversies that his clients can encounter in the workplace, and he's fully prepared to protect or enforce their rights in a tough courtroom battle when all other alternatives to resolve the dispute have been exhausted. Brian's goal isn't just to win the case - it's also about helping each client in every way he can.