Channy Wood

Wood Law Firm, LLP
PO Box 1439
Amarillo, TX 79105

Channy is a 6th Generation Texan, born and raised on his family’s Texas Panhandle farm. Channy lives by values learned early: honesty, fairness, responsibility, and hard work.
“Defending those values attracted me to the law. I specialize in representing families and individuals in personal injury cases because insurance companies and big corporations have plenty of lawyers and plenty of money on their side. When tragedy strikes the average working family, they deserve a lawyer on their side that understands their loss and will go fight to get them a fair shake. I strive to be that lawyer.”
Channy spent several years working in the West Texas oil fields as a derrick hand, roustabout, welder, and machinist before completing his education at Texas Tech. “Growing up on a farm, raising livestock, and working in the oil field gave me an education and experiences that cannot be taught in a classroom or at a university. I understand what it’s like to work from sunrise to sunset in the heat of July and the cold of January. I understand the lives and labor of working people because I have done it myself.”