Christopher Martin

Martin Law Offices
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Suite 100
Oakland, CA 94607

For over 20 years Chris Martin has defended those in the most difficult situation of their lives. His mastery of the art of criminal defense, and his passion for representing the accused have made him one of the most highly regarded attorneys in the criminal defense arena today. Chris Martin is like no other: His meticulous investigation and analysis of the facts, his legal reasoning, and his ability to build cases that persuade juries to do the right thing, set him apart.    While he is known for litigating with extreme intensity – his soft spoken demeanor, thoroughness, unconventional strategies, and willingness to listen have gained him great respect, trust, and admiration by jurors, judges, prosecutors and colleagues alike – not to mention his clients.    As the founding member of “Capital Central Staff†at the California Supreme Court, he advised all of the Supreme Court justices on death penalty matters. Prior to being hired by the court, he had extensive criminal trial experience as a deputy public defender and as private counsel, and had already won five out of five homicides, including one double-murder death penalty case. Since then, he has added to his track record, year after year, by consistently achieving the best possible results for hundreds of clients.  

Most recently Chris secured:

  dismissal of a bank robbery case  dismissal of an automotive chop shop case  dismissal of a multiple-victim kidnapping/rape case where the defendant faced multiple life sentences  dismissal of two three-strikes allegations  

Chris also:

  forced the Marin County Sheriff to permanently change jail interview practices so that privileged attorney/client conferences can no longer take place in secretly bugged rooms