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Courtney Lerch attended the University of Georgia and Mississippi College School of Law where she earned her Juris Doctorate degree in 2007. During law school, she earned a prestigious internship with Federal District Court Judge James J. Brady in the Middle District of Louisiana in Baton Rouge. After interning in the federal system, Courtney then interned with Judge Virginia Carlton of the Mississippi Court of Appeals. In addition to working with federal and state court judges, Courtney interned with the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office. Throughout Courtney’s time working with both Federal and State Court judges, she was able to gain valuable knowledge on the thought processes that judges use in order to decide opinions. In addition, during that time, she was able to see both sides of arguments from the prosecutors and defense and saw what types of arguments were persuasive with different types of judges.

After graduating from law school, Courtney took a position with The Wade Law Firm which specialized in Federal Criminal Defense. During her time with the Wade Law Firm, she branched out of handling just Federal Criminal Defense and began taking Felony and Misdemeanors in State Court in addition to Federal Criminal cases. During this time, she found that enjoyed helping people who found themselves in bad situations and needed someone to fight for them. A voice in a system that can be scary and overwhelming.

In 2016, Courtney started her own law firm, The Lerch Law Firm. From 2016 until now, The Lerch Law Firm has grown from a solo practice to a law firm with two attorneys and two assistants. As the law firm’s client base increased, Courtney wanted to make sure that the firm grew to be able to make sure that clients’ questions and concerns would be answered in a timely manner. She found that the main issue that people tend to have with either prior attorneys or current attorneys was unresponsiveness. Here at The Lerch Law Firm, we pride ourselves on aggressively representing our clients and keeping clients up to date on their cases. It is important to be able to talk to your attorney and understand the decisions that you must make for your future.