D. Scott Monroe

Scott Monroe Law, P.A.
200 E Forsyth St
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Scott Monroe is an experienced trial attorney primarily practicing in the areas of criminal and DUI defense and civil litigation. Mr. Monroe's legal career began as a prosecutor with the State Attorney's Office in Jacksonville where Mr. Monroe gained extensive trial experience in DUI law and litigation as the DUI Unit prosecutor and the Senior County Court Prosecutor for Jacksonville for nearly two years. Mr. Monroe also worked for the State Attorney's Office in the First Judicial Circuit where he handled misdemeanor cases, juvenile cases, felony cases, and was appointed as the Special Prosecutor on numerous Executive Assigned cases in other Judicial Circuits which were assigned to him by the Governor of Florida. After graduating law school, Mr. Monroe joined the State Attorney's Office, Fourth Judicial Circuit in Jacksonville, Florida, as an Assistant State Attorney. While there, Mr. Monroe served as the DUI Unit prosecutor and Senior County Court Attorney for over two years. As the DUI Unit prosecutor, Mr. Monroe handled all felony eligible DUI cases for all 17 County Court Divisions and handled Felony DUIs in Circuit Court. As the DUI Unit prosecutor, Mr. Monroe has handled thousands of DUI cases and conducted over 50 DUI trials. As the Senior County Court Prosecutor, Mr. Monroe was responsible for training and overseeing all County Prosecutors. As the DUI Unit prosecutor, Mr. Monroe worked closely with Jacksonville Sheriff's Office (JSO) DUI Unit and Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) program in North Florida. He has received extensive training in the detection, enforcement, prosecution, and defense of impaired drivers. This experience and training gives Mr. Monroe excellent incite, knowledge, and understanding on how a DUI and other other criminal charges are prosecuted and how to thoroughly defend the accused when charged with a crime. Mr. Monroe has received extensive training and education in relation to the following: the collection of breath and urine samples in a DUI case, toxicological analysis of urine and blood samples completed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and medical staff at hospitals, agency and department inspection of the Intoxilyzer 8000, Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus and Medical Foundations for Visual System Testing, Retrograde Extrapolation, DRE evaluations and testimony, Standard Field Sobriety Exercises, the classification of drugs/controlled substances and the effects these have on the human body, and in general criminal cases involving the alleged impairment of drivers by alcohol and or controlled substances. Mr. Monroe is a routine lecturer/instructor at DUI seminars, conferences, and training programs offered to both law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and defense attorneys throughout the State of Florida. He conducted regular training on DUI prosecution for new prosecutors in the 4th Judicial Circuit. Additionally, Mr. Monroe has attended numerous wet labs either as an instructor or participant offered to local law enforcement agencies and to the State Attorney's Office in Jacksonville. He taught a portion of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office's training course for new Breath Test Operators, was an instructor on DUI enforcement and prosecution at training courses offered to recruits at JSO's police academy and to JSO officers attending refresher courses. In fact, Mr. Monroe is still a guest lecturer to new officers, prosecutors, and breath test operators in Jacksonville. This is extremely valuable to Mr. Monroe's clients because when he walks into the courtroom to fight for you the prosecutor remembers he was their instructor and a force to be reckoned with. Mr. Monroe has been hired by the Florida Department of Transportation through the TSRP program to teach TSRP's Basic DUI Enforcement, Advance DUI Enforcement, and Prosecuting the Drugged Driver seminars since 2012. After serving as the DUI Unit prosecutor in Jacksonville, Mr. Monroe served as a felony line attorney until he became a Special Prosecutor in the 1st Judicial Circuit, located in the Florida Panhandle. Mr. Monroe was also appointed as the Special Prosecutor on all Executive Appointment cases where the Governor of Florida had appointed the First Judicial Circuit to handle criminal cases in other Judicial Circuits. While in the First Circuit, Mr. Monroe taught the DUI training course for the Escambia County Sheriff's Office. Mr. Monroe also taught a DUI course to members of the Florida Highway Patrol stationed in and around the Pensacola area. After the marriage to his wonderful wife, who lived in Panama City Beach, Mr. Monroe transferred to Walton County where he handled misdemeanor, juvenile, and felony cases while still serving as the special prosecutor for the entire 1st Judicial Circuit. After a very successful career as a prosecutor, Mr. Monroe left the State Attorney's Office and began his own law firm and has been using his extensive experience to zealously defend the rights of his clients ever since. He handles juvenile, misdemeanor, DUI, drug related offense, violations of probation and all Felony cases and is undefeated at trial as a defense attorney.