Damoun Yazdi

The Accident Network Law Group
2900 Bristol St Suite A-104
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Attorney Damoun A. Yazdi started his experience in the personal injury field more than 12 years ago. Initially, Mr. Yazdi started as a paralegal at a law firm which was solely committed to helping people with personal injury matters. Mr. Yazdi’s passion in the legal field quickly grew when he witnessed the injustice of the insurance companies and their treatment of clients. Thereafter, Mr. Damoun Yazdi started law school in the hopes of becoming a lawyer so he can help clients navigate their claims against insurance companies. In law school, Mr. Damoun A. Yazdi graduated at the top of his class in Litigation Skills class, where he excelled in presenting and defending cases against his peers. Mr. Yazdi also founded the ADR Society at his law school where his organization conducted lectures and presentations regarding Alternative Dispute Resolutions in civil matters. Further, during his last year of law school Mr. Damoun Yazdi worked as a Law Clerk at the Los Angeles County District Attorneys Office conducting Preliminary Hearings, where he increased his courtroom and trial skills.