Dana Hogle

The Hogle Firm
1013 South Stapley Drive
Mesa, AZ 85204
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My first of four children was born in my last semester of law school and changed my life forever. I strive to be the best example I can be for my 3 boys and little girl and am very active in their lives. The time demands of practicing law are certainly sometimes a challenge like any other profession but I believe a well-rounded grounded person is more successful in any walk of life.

I have been a Criminal Defense Attorney since passing the Bar exam in 2004. Once I became a licensed Arizona attorney I began focusing on Criminal Justice and Personal Injury cases. We enjoy consulting anyone in need of legal services even if we do not handle that specific area of law. The reason being is we have many lawyers that handle many different things than we do and have trust in them and how they treat their clientele and the results they are able to achieve. My personal focus has been unchanged since 2004 and I thoroughly enjoy who I work with and around.

When I am not working I am actively involved in sporting activities with my children. I coach little league, football and basketball as well. My kids seem to like different sports and activities at different times in their young lives I have not figured out how to get them to narrow the scope just yet but I am very open to suggestions.

We, as a family enjoy "wheeling" in our Jeep and the going to the lake to see who can launch the highest while wake boarding. When there is snow here in Arizona we see how far we can fly on our snow boards. So far I am winning but I cannot see that trend holding long.

My boys and I are active in scouting and enjoy the outdoors and find ourselves there as often as we can. My little girl, well, anything she wants, she gets. The same could be said for my wife of 16 years.

When I get a rare chance you can find me motor cross track trying to stay alive. I love that adventure.

I realize that the practice of law is demanding and being the best sometimes requires a "time out." That is when you will find me down the street at the batting cage hitting the stress out and often times I come up with my best solutions there.

No one wants to be in the situation to need a lawyer but if you find yourself in that situation you want someone thinking outside the box and giving you all they have. It is very important to have trust in your Mesa criminal defense attorney as well. I hope that if you find yourself in need of a lawyer you trust your needs to me.