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Daniel Stockmann is recognized as one of the preeminent criminal defense attorneys in the state of Nebraska, if not the country, and has served the public by providing expert legal defense for the past 15 years. He began pursuing his passion for law at Saint Louis University (1992-1995), where he earned his B.A. in Criminal Justice. Almost immediately after graduating, he went on to earn his law degree at Creighton University School of Law (1996-1999). Since completing his education, Stockmann has become a member of the Nebraska Bar Association, which is composed of the best trial lawyers from across the state. He has even been awarded a spot on The National Trial Lawyer's coveted "Top 40 Under 40," which lists America's top young trial lawyers.

Criminal Defense Attorney Daniel Stockmann

Over the course of his distinguished career, Daniel Stockmann has covered a wide range of legal defense cases, gaining favorable outcomes for thousands of clients and helping them to avoid significant prison time. However, after handling various legal matters for many years, Daniel has turned his attention to the ever-increasing arrests relating to drugs and defending individuals who have had their rights violated by the authorities. Daniel has an in-depth understanding of the shady tactics law enforcement can employ when making drug-related arrests?from unconstitutional profiling to baseless interstate highway drug searches?and he has represented and successfully defended clients from these tactics in almost every county along the I-80 corridor.