Daniel Ufford

The Law Offices of Daniel P. Ufford
217 Franklin St., Suite A
Clarksville, TN 37040
(931) 820-0284

Daniel P. Ufford is an experienced attorney who is motivated to bring true service to the legal profession. He strives to provide access to the legal system for all clients that seek his services.

Mr. Ufford is a General Practitioner who works primarily out of Clarksville, but practices across Middle Tennessee. Mr. Ufford can assist you with any area of law, and focuses his practice mainly on Family Law, Estate Planning, Business Planning, and Criminal Law.

Daniel P. Ufford was raised in a family of entrepreneurs. He was brought up with first-hand knowledge of a business growing from family-owned to corporate status. Those roots engrained a drive for success, and a dedication to serving clientele. He grew from those roots into his professional career.

Before opening the Law Offices of Daniel P. Ufford, Mr. Ufford worked at the Public Defender Office for the 19th Judicial District of Tennessee. This required handling a complex, and remarkably large caseload, and staying current on legal issues. He consistently interacted with clients, negotiated with district attorneys, and conducted field research in preparation for trial.

Let Daniel P. Ufford use his skill, experience, and dedication to further your goals today!