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David Gray won a $7.44 million jury verdict for a client in a medical malpractice case.    The case involved a 27-year old wife and mother of a 2-year old boy, who was 19 weeks pregnant and died of septic shock from delayed treatment of a kidney infection and obstruction. Her treating physicians knew she had a history of this condition in her first pregnancy. A Jefferson County jury found that the doctors' conduct fell below the applicable standard of care. The jury awarded the woman's estate $1.44 million for destruction of her earning capacity; $1 million to the widower for his loss of consortium and $2 million for his loss of love and affection of his unborn daughter; and $3 million to the son for his loss of parental consortium.    David Gray is a founding Partner at Gray Law PLLC. He graduated from Louis D. Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville.