David Mestas

Gavaldon & Mestas, P.C.
3555 Stanford Rd. Suite 104
Fort Collins, CO 80525
(970) 419-4750

David A. Mestas Has a wide range of criminal defense experience ranging from DUI defense to serious felonies, including some high profile cases. Mr Mestas represents persons accused of felonies, including, drug cases, felony assaults, arson, burglary, theft, fraud, murder and kidnapping. He also represents persons accused of DUI defense, domestic violence, criminal mischief and other misdemeanors. Mr. Mestas also will be accepting personal injury clients injured in automobile/motorcycle accidents and medical malpractice. Mr. Mestas has practiced in these areas, along with criminal defense, for over 27 years. His training and experience in dealing with insurance is extensive. He has tried personal injury cases with successful outcomes, including those with verdicts in excess of $1,000,000. Mr. Mestas formerly practiced at Gerash, Robinson & Miranda, P.C. in Denver, CO and was the managing partner at Willett & Mestas, LLC in Denver, CO. He was the Chairman of the Colorado Supreme Courts‘ Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee for 8 years. Mr. Mestas was born and raised in Fort Collins, CO and is well respected by local lawyers and judges.